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Client: Ferrotec

Project Title: BIG HEART Sub-brand Logo Design

Project Description:

Introduction: Ferrotec, a prominent brand recognized for its core values of Integrity, Bravery, and Inclusiveness, is embarking on a significant expansion endeavor by creating its sub-brand, BIG HEART. This sub-brand is envisioned as a powerful extension of Ferrotec's ethos, designed to reinforce its reputation as a trustworthy and robust entity in the market. The primary objective of this project is to craft a unique and compelling logo for BIG HEART that seamlessly connects with the parent brand while establishing its distinct and independent identity.

Project Goals:

  1. Brand Synergy: Develop a logo that harmoniously resonates with Ferrotec's identity and values, creating a strong synergy between the master brand and the sub-brand.

  2. Sub-brand Distinctiveness: Craft a logo that distinguishes BIG HEART as a stand-alone entity while encapsulating the principles of Integrity, Bravery, and Inclusiveness that Ferrotec stands for.

Scope of Work:

The project encompasses the following key tasks:

  1. Research and Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis of Ferrotec's branding guidelines, corporate values, and visual identity to ensure alignment with the sub-brand.

  2. Concept Development: Ideate and create multiple logo concepts that blend seamlessly with Ferrotec's image while portraying BIG HEART's unique attributes.

  3. Design Exploration: Develop and refine chosen concepts, exploring various color schemes, typography, and visual elements to create a visually impactful logo.

  4. Feedback and Iteration: Collaborate closely with the client to gather feedback on the proposed logo concepts and make necessary adjustments to ensure alignment with the client's vision.

  5. Finalization: Once the preferred logo concept is approved, finalize the design by refining details and ensuring it adheres to all branding guidelines.

  6. Deliverables: Provide the client with the final logo design files in various formats suitable for both digital and print applications, along with a comprehensive branding guide outlining logo usage and guidelines.


The project will follow the timeline outlined below:

  • Week 1-2: Research and analysis of Ferrotec's brand values and guidelines.

  • Week 3-4: Concept development and initial design exploration.

  • Week 5-6: Feedback gathering and design iteration.

  • Week 7-8: Finalization of the chosen logo concept and preparation of deliverables.


The creation of BIG HEART's logo is an essential step in Ferrotec's strategic plan to expand its brand presence while maintaining its core principles. This project aims to deliver a visually compelling logo that seamlessly aligns with Ferrotec's corporate values, establishing BIG HEART as a powerful, independent sub-brand in the market. Through thoughtful research, creative design, and close collaboration with the client, the final logo will reflect Ferrotec's integrity, bravery, and inclusiveness, reinforcing its position as a credible and influential brand.

Presentation - Final Presentation7_edited.jpg

Early Concepts

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