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Client: Atlas Fibre

Project Description: Business Cards. 

I was hired to rejuvenate and modernize the business cards for Atlas Fibre. This endeavor was integral to a broader brand refresh initiative, which aimed to align all brand elements with the updated logos and color palette.

Project Goals:

  1. Modernization: My primary goal was to bring Atlas Fibre's business cards into the modern era. I sought to create a design that would resonate with contemporary aesthetics and design trends.

  2. Alignment with Brand Refresh: Ensuring that the new business cards seamlessly matched the refreshed brand's logos and color schemes was paramount. This alignment would contribute to a cohesive and unified brand identity.

  3. Key Tasks and Deliverables:

  4. Design Concept Development: Conceptualized a fresh and contemporary look for the business cards. This involved exploring various layouts, typography, and visual elements.

  5. Logo Integration: Incorporating the updated Atlas Fibre logos into the business card design was pivotal. I worked to ensure that the logos were prominently and attractively featured.

  6. Color Palette Utilization: I carefully selected and applied the brand's refreshed color palette to create a harmonious visual experience that resonated with Atlas Fibre's new identity.

  7. Typography Selection: The choice of fonts played a crucial role in conveying the brand's character. We opted for fonts that exuded professionalism and modernity.

  8. Printing Specifications: To guarantee the highest quality, we specified printing details such as paper type, finish, and any special printing techniques required to enhance the cards' visual appeal.

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