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"I'm Crystal Calic, and I help to create clear messaging with a consistent visual style that is goal focused."

My work enables you to grow your business faster and easier and ensures your business cuts through the noise.  My specialties include Visual Communication Design, Brand Design, and Website Redesign. ​​​​

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About Me


Crystal Calic is a visual communication designer, marketing strategist, copywriter, and website designer. ​ Crystal helps brands grow strategically and has worked with clients such as Ferotech, Egan Legacy Partners, Atlas Fibre, Accurate Plastics, Keepers Piping and Fabrication, and Holistic Veterinary Hospital.

Her career journey has been filled with continual growth, thinking outside the box, and honing her craft. 

Crystal holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation and VFX Artist) from the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, California, and over 8+ years of experience in the industry. 


Good design should always seek to solve problems, be intentional and be impactful before it is ever beautiful.


Because design when done right has the ability to create brand recognition, improve website performance, increase cart conversions, enhance marketing initiatives, and solidify brand voice.


Give your business the time and care it needs by investing in smart design services that work. I can't wait to hear from you! 

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Whether your business is a start-up, small local business, or large corporation design and marketing strategy is a valuable asset that can help grow your business in ways that are meaningful and help to achieve business goals.

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